Friday, July 15, 2016

Deer Hunter Challenge

DEER HUNTING experience has finally arrived, and it's always open season! 
Deer Hunter Challenge now have high resolution graphics can on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Gen 4, along with the HD graphics on the iPad!

Compete with your friends in the global Leaderboards and brag of unlocking all achievements!

Earn experience points and become a skilled Hunter than

Earn money after a successful hunt and get improved weapons and costumes

Hunting experience distant location in the extreme environment of the wild

Choose from a variety of customizable weapons such as Bolt Rifle, Shotgun, crossbows and much more!

Earn trophies for bagging the biggest game and relive your proudest moments in defense of the Cup

Play more mini-games and bonus rounds
DEER HUNTER challenge need the franchise the most common hunting and fact to extremely wild environment to search is the largest, most recent game appreciated all over the world. Go from rookie to master sportsman increases your level of experience, and a major upgrade over the weapons, clothing and equipment. Successful hunting trip than you have, the more you will be able to enhance the skills of hunters. Use the map the GPS tracking and your trainer sights on polar bears, reindeer, Cougar, deer, axis deer and more. The animal's behavior never has a more true to life, so extreme caution as the people of the wilderness sometimes will charge right at you! Relive the biggest killing in your trophy room character interaction is recorded as well as the orbital locations and kill rounds. Think you've got what it takes to become a master huntsman? The challenge was issued ... to become a legendary hunt DEER HUNTER challenge.

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Deer Hunter challenge is free to play, but you can choose to pay for some extra items, will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-application purchasing by adjusting your device settings, etc

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=>> Toy Blast

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Toy Blast

Toy Blast features:

● stunning graphics and unique gameplay
● All the cutest toys; cars, rockets, dolls, stuffed animals and more ...
● So many levels with exciting puzzles
● Multiple boosters along the way to help Amy; vacuum cleaners, drills, buckets, brushes, TNTs, rotor and so on ...
● spectacular bonuses and unlock additional bonus after level through
● Easy and fun to play but challenging to master
● Facebook Leaderboards to compete with your friends and your competitors!

Combine two or more blocks of the same color to clear the level and collect the trapped toy. But be careful! It is not easy to save all the toys while your movement is limited! Your talent for solving puzzles will be your best tool during the game is super addictive. No more candy crush, break the diamonds, crunching cookie or cultivation. Bust the blocks and enjoy this colorful adventure!

Explore the colorful land of Amy from land to land ice circus! Playing with toys sweetest you'll be surprised! Crunch all the blocks of the same color by using boosters such as brick-busting blasts, rechargeable power-ups and more!

Matching puzzle games final with unique gameplay! It's time Toy Blast!

Join the exciting world of Amy and to help her collect the colorful toys, shapes and more!
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=>>Romancing SaGa 2

Monday, June 13, 2016

Romancing SaGa 2

Romancing SaGa 2 gives players the freedom to explore the world does not follow rigid storyline or just adventure features both a dialogue with other characters to experience the ups and downs of the past history of the dynasty Vareness. On the journey that gamers can learn new knowledge and Glimmer by continually upgrading the weapons and the level of martial arts through the thrilling match

In particular, the game also has the "New Game +" allows players once completed game will be able to bring the index characters and items through the new players, so they can enjoy the storyline and do things which previously missed.

Classic RPG Square Enix party Romancing SaGa 2 titled remains is compelling RPG gameplay have become classics in the original version launched in 1993 and upgraded more in terms of graphics, combat game, auto-save mode as well as optimized control capabilities on the sensors, to meet the needs "have fun while moving" by gamers.
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Leap Day

Leap Day becomes different from other action titles that this game is only a screen play every day. If you do not complete the level before today's new game screen is opened, the next day, you still get that screen play. And if you have conquered just shutdown, do other things, and tomorrow his opening game to welcome new challenges.

Leap Day is owned mobile game quite classic graphics, character design style animation, fun sound effects, and manipulate the control ears have nothing to talk a lot when players just constantly touching the screen the photo to move the character. Join the game, your task is attempted to control robot movement in a dungeon in the direction from bottom to top and attempt to climb as high as possible. You will have to avoid enemies, thorns, blades and many other obstacles.
See more:   Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World

Recently there appeared a version of "descendants" new named Hungry Shark World with the "crisis" of the "killer" according to Ubisoft announced the development is also far more fierce than before. Hungry Shark World striking game environments with extensive worldwide coverage and collection of massive sharks, promises to give players journey to hunt very attractive food.

Hungry Shark Evolution - games have been released long ago but still makes millions of players around the world must "sit-down" waiting for updates to be further transformed into a "guy" bloodthirsty sharks ready to swallow anything he saw on the trail.
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Titan Quest

Inheriting the essence of the senior core Diablo, Titan Quest also brings gamers a new experience they can not get. With peak gameplay and unique, this mobile game soon creates a whole new force in the village ARPG, and even may have a chance to topple the dominance of the legendary Diablo nor long.

Titan Quest's gameplay style similar to the Diablo but nevertheless, calculated act of Titan Quest has been pushed higher, bringing the game "hunting boss" incredibly monumental. Besides, once you go far enough, diversified skill system with great effect makes it gamers will hardly take my eyes off the screen when immersed select new branch for character development.

Titan Quest is an extremely immersive mobile gaming appealing, the game takes the player a hero role playing adventure through mystical space of Greece, Egypt and ancient Asia to fight against many types of monsters legendary mythological. Titan Quest also brings the iconic monsters featured as harpies, Sagittarius or even a giant scorpion species as well as the contribution of the ancient Greek gods like Prometheus and Hades.
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Trinium Wars

Highlights of Trinium Wars graphics come from relatively easy to see, and especially fictional story, interwoven with mythical elements. Nevertheless, because it is an indie game image game has not created enough realism in the image, and still can not be compared with those of every blockbuster MMORPG today.

In general, the content in Trinium Wars game World of Warcraft is very similar to the initial period, when players will be asked to explore the map, talk to the NPC for a quest. The operational tasks in the game is not too complicated, often revolves around the activities kill monsters, collect items or talk to other NPCs, quite simple.

Mechanisms to fight in built Trinium Wars-style type familiar target. Each character class in the game has its own special skills, have a large effect in killing monsters. It is notable that Trinium Wars do not encourage players to kill monsters at the same time, the character was often beaten by one only.

Trinium Wars is a remake of L.A.W: Living After War once very noticeable in 2011 but not yet officially launched by some gamers are problems in the release. The plot revolves around the battle Trinium Wars post-nuclear disaster between 2 factions to scramble Naks Humans and the world during the chaos. Players will join one of two forces, in addition there is also a race game is that Shamaks but only for NPC

Monster Hunter Online

In the vast world of the game there are hundreds of types of monsters with all sorts of shapes, types, each with distinct characteristics about the possibility of attacks, flying, stealth, or even know how to swim and fillers breaking ground, with deep forests where species live, have lived beyond bewildered species.

To hunt them, players will need to be well prepared and equipped for offensive tactics, good teamwork can not be input jack that guillotine. Day one raise the awareness and level of self-manipulation is a way for gamers to become a skilled hunter in Monster Hunter Online.

Monster Hunter Online is the online version of the Monster Hunter series ever made headlines on consoles and always appreciated the online gaming group "blockbuster" in the world. The content of Monster Hunter Online gameplay is guaranteed to be unique and special from the previous offline version, upholds the challenge in every task, hunting and making dozens of beautifully furnished.
See more:  Kritika


Kritika graphics can not say beautiful because graphic design is quite angular, more crude is not really soft. Advantages of the game comes from the skill system is relatively nice and easy on the eyes. In particular, the design is quite nice character is designed in the style of comics. Movement of the characters flexible, soft and can be seen as the highlight of Kritika.


However, it seems content with more gameplay features of the game are not really attractive to gamers.

Kritika is online roleplaying game action, and has been dubbed the "Devil May Cry version online game" when it was announced. Game ever received considerable attention of the gaming community when launched in Korea.
See more:  Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus like a combination of riding dragons, dramatic immersive, high-paced combat, and the ability to customize the very liberal character. The main task of the player is to explore the vast virtual world immensely and search, collect wild animals for the purpose of taming them, turning them into their mounts with very special abilities

Riders of Icarus was released as a free hour to play, but the money to buy players pack founders will receive the relative advantages of furniture as well as some pretty powerful equipment. Details refer to the homepage:
As known, during this test, the Riders of Icarus will run parallel to the two control modes of action and non-target conventional target, gamers can fully convert easily to suit each as well as their class instances like playing.

According to new information received, ultra-hot online game Dragon Riders riding of Icarus has officially entered the closed beta 3 times and also the last. This test is known phase will last until the beginning of July and officially open beta on October 6/7 wide.
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Friday, May 27, 2016

Apple Shooter

In the game engine

When you start the game, you can find two important tools that will help you achieve your goals instead of your best friends. Both tools can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. Indicator circle can help you determine the height at which the arrow will fly, while the gauge for you how powerful your shot will be. The more powerful your shot is, moreover it will travel! Using these tools together, with your keen sense of hand-eye coordination, to help keep you out of harm your way.

Controls and How to Play

Apple Shooter is a simple game but fun to play in your spare time. It's easy enough for kids and adults alike to enjoy. The only thing you need to play Apple Shooter is simply your mouse. Using your mouse, and the game engine, your arrows aimed at the apple on top of your best friends. But targets carefully! A mistake can easily assign to you the worst Worlds Best Friend!

As you complete each level, the task of getting more and more difficult. With each level you are farther and farther away from your best friend.

Level 1-20 feet
Level 2 - 25 feet
Level 3 - 30 feet
Level 4 - 35 feet and etc.

Highest point standings

Unlike many other archery games found on the internet, Apple Shooter includes a high score chart. Challenge yourself to achieve the highest possible level, and you can find your name on the list of professional apple shooter!

Hack and cheats

Although this game is quite simple, some might find it a bit difficult to achieve a higher level. Here are some other hack and cheat codes to help you along.

Cheat code: pointer - to draw a line showing how the arrow will fly and where it will land
Cheat code: onetoomany - invisible to shoot an arrow
Hack: the game does not end when your friend died. If your friend falls and apple disappears, press 1 to reset

Champion Archer

Objective and plot

This cute game comes packed with an interesting storyline. Legend has it that the two largest colonies of stick figures have been fighting for ages, although neither side really know or understand why anymore. Your hero is well-known in your colony by his remarkable intelligence and an impressive use of a bow and arrow. Help your hero to lead his troops to expect a victory by killing the enemy stick figures, allowing your team to achieve the far end of the first battlefield. The first team to reach the opposite end of the battle victorious.

When you fight, you will make a pile of cash by killing enemy soldiers. Remember that the first prize taken the most money, so good aim. At the end of each game, you can use the money you've earned to purchase products at the store to help your game a step further and improve your hero.


Use your keyboard and mouse, to navigate your hero and destroy the enemy to win the game and earn great rewards.

Use A, S, D, W to move the hero of your stick figure up, down, left and right
Using your mouse, hold and release the left mouse button to shoot your arrows

Cash Shop

At the end of each successful match, Cash Shop opens. From here, you can buy a variety of power-ups to help you in the battle of the future!

Damage increases power-up
Power-ups to increase your speed of soldiers traveling
One item that against damage
Remove the power indicator bar
Double Shot power-ups
Quick Shot power-up
Champion Archer

Hack and cheats

With goals in Champion Archer and landing accurate shots can be quite difficult for some players. Therefore, rents make the game a lot easier and more enjoyable! Once the game has started, just type "givemethemoney" to immediately receive 100,000 coins! Use coins to buy power-ups in the store in the near instant success!


For those of you who do not like to use hacks and cheats, there are a few tips that we can share with you to help you complete and win the Champion Archer.

Allow your troops to move in front of you. This helps to keep the distance between you and the enemy, and give you a little more time to prepare and aim your shot.
Do not allow your army to destroy the enemy. Doing so will leave you with no reward!
To destroy the enemy, aim for their heads. head shots give better rewards and killing the enemy soldiers immediately.
Save your gold if possible. Try to make your first purchase of "Take No Damage" power-up. your second purchase should be either double or Quick Shot Shot power-ups.

The war of stick figures! Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have hundreds of stick figures with a game to the death? Your dreams come true in this game archery creatively exciting - Champion Archer.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Age of Speed 3

I would recommend this game for all players, especially those who think they are the greatest people in the race as this is very difficult, but it gives you a lot of toys so to speak something to work with. Overall I give it 4.8 stars out of 5.

This game is different from the previous two games in features and also has a brand new store, where you can buy more points, the new car with new features in each of them, and set design your car as possible. Therefore, this series has come a long way since the first version of the game and the series.

Click to play Age of Speed ​​3

Also, you can play with about 10 different cars in this game, which makes more time and fun in the game due to a lot of land to cover (you gamers get what I'm say here). Personally I would love to design a vehicle mode is the property features the largest that I have seen from any online computer games and it is the flash of genius to come up with this unique idea. Sometimes playing this game, I almost forgot that I had not been playing Need for Speed ​​(surely a good sign for the design and development).

I always start with the first record, but for this one, I'll start with the positives. This game has some strengths and some weakness in total. For one, the design of a vehicle mode is the only feature I've ever seen on any online flash games in any game, even the genre. The move is sheer genius and I can not help thinking that this could be a tendency for most computer games online to track progress in the years ahead.

3D is not just spectacular, and this time the car is also in tune with the image (unlike the previous two games in this series), but it is probably because even the speed of the ball game always a plus for flash games because that can be the hardest part. I mean really, there are many positive aspects to this game you will see all of them within the first few minutes of play. A huge positive is that you can also choose from ten different tracks as opposed to the standard four-track (even includes NASCAR Daytona Speedway for you hunks!).

Negative of this game is far, few and between. I really did nit-pick and gain a bit to find something here, but with a game like this that hit the hammer on the head in so many places, I wonder why this game and the development has not given a few more ideas on the track itself as it can be a bit bland and not really enough time creativity with the songs.

The race track is a little different, but the middle and the end seems a way similar to the previous two games it kind of makes you wonder what this game can do with the music even better than before. I feel that this game could be done better by providing us with more original songs, better music is the music in this game seems a bit horrible (even the first two have better music, which tells you how bad it is in that regard). However, this game is so great that you will have an easier time looking through all the negativity.

Age of Speed ​​3 - Age Of Speed ​​Underworld is an action packed game fast-paced that keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire trip, every step of the way. The developers of this game really has to heart the criticisms of the previous two games of Age of Speed ​​1 and 2 and create near perfect racing game to make matters better (well while giving you a breather and myself quickly and easily).
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Red ball 4

Children love this game primarily. It is easy and inspiring them to learn better. It is possible to improve the contact with the game by playing it again and again. Players can learn more when he was through the game and progress to higher levels. It's fun to participate in this game online and choose to play different masses. Red ball 4 is played by lots and lots of people online. gaming enthusiasts to play with passion and choose different games of their choice. red ball game is really attractive for the easy option and use environment-friendly game.

Click to play Red Ball 4


The goal of Red ball 4 game is the player must pass various levels with a mission to save the world from turning into a square.


Red ball 4 game has a total of 15 levels and each level is different. Players must implement a strategy to jump through the levels and take action to save their world.

Game controls

You can play the game using the arrow keys to control the jump function. The left and right arrow keys can be used to control the operation of the red ball.

Game play

Red ball 4 is a fun, where players have to keep dancing all the way. Players must collect all the gold stars on the way. He had to roll the ball across the plains and make sure he does not hit anywhere in the corners. It is possible to scroll through quickly and avoid all the bad blocks on the road. The hills of grass are much fun to move to. Players require the help of stones or wooden crates to climb over the hills to move the ball.

Red Ball 4 comes in different volumes. In episode 2, the players have helped move the red ball through his way to destroy the monsters. The evil monsters can destroy the world, and players must join the red ball and help him save the world. In episode 3, players have to help the red ball reaches the red pole. Players must take the ball cross laser that passes. In case the evil block, the player has to make its stamp on the ball and passing along its path.

It is more attractive to play online games. The options are pretty good and people love to enter the online games of this type in their free time. It keeps you comfortable and give you enough opportunities to get the best out of your free time. Players have access to music and sound and keep going with the game screen. Players can view movie options and know how the game will be and what the players have to do to win the game. Players can reset your progress and all the options are user friendly. Players can check their achievements and also know the best that I can play well and go to the top.

Red Ball 4 is a fun ball game that is all about dancing and getting through the way to achieve the task. It is a puzzle game where players have to help the red ball to achieve their goals after overcoming many obstacles on his path.
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scary Racing Game

About the Game

if you are passionate about games and special adventure game like cars, then this game will be very suitable for you. This game is quite similar to other games under the name of Scary Maze. it's not easy but not too hard. You must strive to achieve the ultimate level and to communicate with your prize, in this way you will stand out. you can win easily if you pay attention to it.

Click to play Scary Racing Game

will have the pleasure and scary pranks are great blended in Scary Racing. You will not find a compelling games and fun that can be shared with all your friends like this game. You and your friends will enjoy every second to play this game. you will soon find out the answer, what great tyet lying there.

Racing games scary rate

tromg has five levels of this game. you have to win against the computer in a car race to update your character to the next level .se have a car race in each level and if you do worse than the factory car your computer will have to play the game from the first level. Well, if you manage to win with the computer 5 times in succession, you will be able to get your prize at the end of the game or sooner, depending on how good you are.

Level 2

This game will put all your driver’s skills at test, and if you pay less attention to it even for a second you will risk to start the game again. The game can be controlled with the arrow keys.

Level 3

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Penguin Games

Penguin games and best or at this page :)

Conquer Antarctica


Conquer Antarctica is a fun game requires planning and strategy to succeed. This game will be very easy if you've ever played Battleship .Trach your task is against a group of rival penguins and turns shooting snowballs and projectiles. You have to aim carefully to shoot bullets or you'll miss the opportunity! The winner is the last of the penguins stand up. success in battle, you need to plan carefully and learn from the trials and errors to draw different.If not much gameplay you will lose and have to end the game.

Crazy Penguin Catapult


This is an extremely interesting game and attractive. As a group of penguins and cunning intrigue, your goal is to rescue your friends who have been captured by evil polar bears. That task will not be easy and simple, but you can leave the bears North Cucvuong into bombs and they will fly away. Each level of the huge amount of ready requires first you have to release your penguin on the map. Next time you want to perfect your diving bomb then hit each polar bear. when you add powerups such as fire penguin, ninja penguins, penguin add additional, or add additional capabilities popping game will become extremely excited.
Things to keep in mind in this game.

Club Penguin


 When playing Club Penguin will bring fun and enjoyable for you and all your friends and family diversity ban.Su in banse story that gives this game voi.Nhung thing you do in games, eg igloo decoration, playing with pets, or is participating items at events last month. Things that make Club Penguin shine. Club Penguin is a game that inspires creativity, problem solving, and teamwork. With this experience you can create your own way and will have your penguin very own.
What would you do in this game? Discover offline!

Penguin Pass


Penguin Pass is an exciting puzzle game that will require all of the brainpower you can muster in order to solve its complex puzzles.  The goal is simple, you need to place blocks in a way to build a bridge for your penguin to cross over the water.  While the goal is simple, the puzzles are not.  The game will require you to pay close attention to every block you place to figure out the best way to place them.  What makes this challenge even more difficult is that you only have three chances!  However, the challenge is what makes the game fun as there is nothing more satisfying than solving a difficult puzzle in Penguin Pass.

And finally,  if you didn’t play it yet for some reason….

Penguin Diner


Penguin Diner is a fun, fast paced variant of the popular Diner Dash game.  In the game, you play a young penguin that is stranded and needs to earn money to get home.  She decides to work as a waitress, and your goals is to make sure that she can earn the funds necessary to move up to improved diners and eventually find her way back home.  The game requires multitasking skills and the ability to remember customer orders.  Along the way, you can upgrade your penguin’s abilities, earn additional money and move to better diners.  Overall, Penguin Dash is a fun and exciting variant of the diner game genre.