Monday, June 6, 2016

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus like a combination of riding dragons, dramatic immersive, high-paced combat, and the ability to customize the very liberal character. The main task of the player is to explore the vast virtual world immensely and search, collect wild animals for the purpose of taming them, turning them into their mounts with very special abilities

Riders of Icarus was released as a free hour to play, but the money to buy players pack founders will receive the relative advantages of furniture as well as some pretty powerful equipment. Details refer to the homepage:
As known, during this test, the Riders of Icarus will run parallel to the two control modes of action and non-target conventional target, gamers can fully convert easily to suit each as well as their class instances like playing.

According to new information received, ultra-hot online game Dragon Riders riding of Icarus has officially entered the closed beta 3 times and also the last. This test is known phase will last until the beginning of July and officially open beta on October 6/7 wide.
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