Friday, May 27, 2016

Apple Shooter

In the game engine

When you start the game, you can find two important tools that will help you achieve your goals instead of your best friends. Both tools can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. Indicator circle can help you determine the height at which the arrow will fly, while the gauge for you how powerful your shot will be. The more powerful your shot is, moreover it will travel! Using these tools together, with your keen sense of hand-eye coordination, to help keep you out of harm your way.

Controls and How to Play

Apple Shooter is a simple game but fun to play in your spare time. It's easy enough for kids and adults alike to enjoy. The only thing you need to play Apple Shooter is simply your mouse. Using your mouse, and the game engine, your arrows aimed at the apple on top of your best friends. But targets carefully! A mistake can easily assign to you the worst Worlds Best Friend!

As you complete each level, the task of getting more and more difficult. With each level you are farther and farther away from your best friend.

Level 1-20 feet
Level 2 - 25 feet
Level 3 - 30 feet
Level 4 - 35 feet and etc.

Highest point standings

Unlike many other archery games found on the internet, Apple Shooter includes a high score chart. Challenge yourself to achieve the highest possible level, and you can find your name on the list of professional apple shooter!

Hack and cheats

Although this game is quite simple, some might find it a bit difficult to achieve a higher level. Here are some other hack and cheat codes to help you along.

Cheat code: pointer - to draw a line showing how the arrow will fly and where it will land
Cheat code: onetoomany - invisible to shoot an arrow
Hack: the game does not end when your friend died. If your friend falls and apple disappears, press 1 to reset

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