Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scary Racing Game

About the Game

if you are passionate about games and special adventure game like cars, then this game will be very suitable for you. This game is quite similar to other games under the name of Scary Maze. it's not easy but not too hard. You must strive to achieve the ultimate level and to communicate with your prize, in this way you will stand out. you can win easily if you pay attention to it.

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will have the pleasure and scary pranks are great blended in Scary Racing. You will not find a compelling games and fun that can be shared with all your friends like this game. You and your friends will enjoy every second to play this game. you will soon find out the answer, what great tyet lying there.

Racing games scary rate

tromg has five levels of this game. you have to win against the computer in a car race to update your character to the next level .se have a car race in each level and if you do worse than the factory car your computer will have to play the game from the first level. Well, if you manage to win with the computer 5 times in succession, you will be able to get your prize at the end of the game or sooner, depending on how good you are.

Level 2

This game will put all your driver’s skills at test, and if you pay less attention to it even for a second you will risk to start the game again. The game can be controlled with the arrow keys.

Level 3

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